Holistic Lifestyle Course Reminder: Mindful-Awareness for Eating & Living Healthy

Hi Everyone – this is just a reminder that the Mindful -Awareness for Eating and Living Healthy starts one week from today.  Hope to see you there.

I have heard from so many people that they want to feel better and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  Now is your chance.  This is not a diet or a quick fix. You will learn to be in charge of your choices with food, activity and stress management by becoming aware and mindful of your behaviors.  Many of us live automatically and do things that we later regret, or wish you had done differently.  We will get to all those other little voices that help or hinder us in our desire for healthier living.

Yes, I know it is holiday time with a lot of temptations and stress. That is why this is a perfect time to commit to giving yourself 75 minutes a week for 4 weeks.  Easy. Just click on image below for more information.  See you there.,

Be Well,