Pre diabetic?Stop it now.

If you been told you are at risk for diabetes, then act on it fast. This is one disease you do not want. There are many ways to approach this, but to be successful you need a sound program and support to be successful. First LIne Therapy is one of those programs I use with clients, and thousands of people have found success . It is a Therapeutic Lifestyle Program, meant to stop and even reverse age related disease, such as pre-diabetes. As a certified instructor ,I can honestly say I have many clients turning their lives around.

March is National Nutrition Month

Take some time this month to evaluate your nutrition intake by the foods you choose to eat.  This is different from counting calories or points.  There is a huge difference between an eighty calorie apple and an eighty calorie cookie.  Start becoming a Nutritarian! A person who chooses foods that are high in nutrients. The nutritarian way to health and longevity concentrates their attention to consuming lots of high nutrient foods such as green vegetable, berries and seeds and eats fewer animal products. Check out  Eat for Health by Joel Furman,M.D, it may help direct you to eating more REAL foods. In Health, Mary

Personal travel tips!

After an adventurous trip to Botswana and South Africa with a very ‘demanding’ safari schedule, 12 flights, time change and food differences it took  a toll on the body- not to mention the mind.  My number one saving ‘must’ was to stay hydrated.  Between dried/bloody nostrils from the plane trips, the lack or drinkable water at our lodges, I found myself constantly buying or ordering water wherever I went. It helped with the daily BM as well as helped with the fatigue.  I also brought my netti pot and saline to help with the healing of my dehydrated sinuses. I certainly did not have my daily exercise routine but there was a lot of walking, good food to choose from and no ‘junk foods’.  I was happy not to over indulge to feel uncomfortable but certainly enjoyed the various game, fish, greens and fruits.  Sort of surprised with lack of nuts and beans- since it would be such a simple staple to have available.  However- maybe the lodges didn’t feel it was what guests would want.  I was consistent with my sleep schedule since I get very grumpy if I don’t get it- ask my husband!  I did have my bouts with an ‘upset stomach’, a sun rash and dry eyes, even with all the precautions.  I felt good that I spent the extra time to be prepared and ready for any minor health incident that may have happened.  All in all a great time- won’t be traveling that far away for some time, but glad I did it and had the opportunity to enjoy this beauty nature has to offer. 

Feeling Good?

Feeling Good!
Did you know that one negative thought can cancel out three positive ones? Neuroscience has a way of studying this.  The good news is we can train our brains to become more aware of the feel good information,  stop and smell the roses,or coffee or ocean , notice the sunrise, smile randomly. Taking just ten seconds to let it soak in can help make an emotional shift.  Try doing this daily three times a day – just 30 seconds. You can do this and start feeling good.