Just For Men: Spice up Your Life to Support Your Prostate

Happy Father’s Day and month to all our dads.  Many times men do not take the initiative to incorporate healthy life styles until they are told they must!  Many of our men are great cooks, so why not incorporate some healthy additives to your cooking with some herbs that can actually help with prostate health.

It is important to have a medical diagnosis of a prostate problem to be sure it is not prostate cancer.  Once this is cleared, one of the easiest ways to approach a plan to improve or relieve prostate problems is with herbs.  Below are a list of some herbs and natural foods that can have a big impact on protecting men against prostate problems.

1. Oregano has been in the the spot light as a a treatment for prostate cancer.  The component, carvacrol, found in oregano is showing some promising results in fighting cancer.  Stir up a pot of tomato  sauce and add a bunch of fresh oregano! Yum

2. Lycopene – from tomatoes (also watermelon and shrimp) has been long researched to stop the growth of prostrate cancer cells. It triggers apoptosis, cell suicide when the cells become cancerous.  We love our tomato sauces- eat often and don’t forget the oregano!

3. Bee Pollen – although not an herb, it is a natural substance which is anti-oxidant rich and used for enlarged prostate.

4. Beta-carotene, the orange pigment found in carrots, sweet potatoes and oranges is very helpful with those who have enlarged prostate. Beta-carotene does more to protect men against enlarged prostate than lycopene,vitamin E or omega -3 fatty acids.

Other herbs that are utilized as tinctures or capsules are: vitex, Wild basil, saw palmetto, pygeum, Phellogendron and others assist with painful urination, increased estrogen, swelling and general prostate health.

 Read more about the use of these herbs and more homeopathic remedies.

It cannot be said enough that is nutrient rich fights many types of age related disease. If you need support in creating lifestyle changes, contact me for a free consult.

Be Well, Mary