Lifestyle Changes: It Doesn’t Have to be All of Nothing.

“It takes six months to get into shape and two weeks to get out of shape.  Once you know this you can stop being angry about other things in life and only be angry about this.”Rita Rudner

I thought this was a great statement , and something I think we all realize too well download picture frames for free.  After a couple of weeks of being a slug, especially around the holidays or in the winter, it is hard to get back on track and the only anger that should be given should be directed at yourself herunterladen.  There are thousands of ways to get your body moving. The old school of thought is that if you didn’t have an hour to sweat, grunt and groan in a gym, then it wasn’t worth doing instagram storiesen chrome. Wrong!!  You can get a great workout in a short amount of time through interval training- and you can do it outside, in your house or at the gym.  Short ‘bursts’ of going as hard as you can at doing almost anything; hot-pepper jumprope, sit-ups, pushups, walking, running, kayaking,biking,up and down stairs or dancing for about 20-30 seconds, then about 4 minutes of a ‘recovery’ exercise, slower walking, slow jump roping,slow dancing, arm circles or less resistance with strength exercises, then repeat the burst and recovery herunterladen.  Build up to doing this for a total of 20-30 minutes. Done! Keep in mind that you need to go full tilt for those few seconds.  You will maintain and increase your overall stamina and strength herunterladen.  Try it out!

Tip: Change your attitude and improve your workout. It is all about your health, preventing illness and taking time for you.  One day at the gym with a trainer isn’t going to do it herunterladen.  Consistency is the key.  There are a lot of options on YouTube, On Demand channels , Netflix and other TV channels- and they make it interesting, for FREE herunterladen.   You got to like what you are doing.  Find something that you at least moderately enjoy and make a plan. Write it down and commit to it.  You will feel better and your mental state will be better which will bring you back for more mood enhancing movement audiograbber kostenlos download windows 10.

Keep in mind , even the best exercise program will not work if you do not pair it with what you eat.  Nutrition is 80% plus, of your success.

Learn more about how you can create a lifestyle plan that you can live with and get and keep in your best condition herunterladen. You won’t have to worry about a two week slump because you won’t let it happen- you will have too many tools stuffed into  those baggy jeans herunterladen.

For more information about investing in your health, contact me for a complimentary session.

Be Well, Mary

Movement: Oh! My Aching Back

I have always been a physically active person, no one ever has to push me to move about.  One of the reasons I move often is that is makes me feel good and it helps to alleviate my chronic back pain hintergrundbilder tiere kostenlos herunterladen.  I had a gymnastic back injury at the ripe age of 18.  I have carried that with me for many decades;  from muscle spasms, low back pain to sciatica which sometimes is hard to cope with. I was and am determined to avoid surgery at all costs and  use alternative therapies as well nvidia old drivers download.  I have a difficult time with medications since I had so many NSAIDS when I was younger that my stomach and intestinal lining have been affected.  Enough said, the one thing that relieves my pain is movement powerpoint app kostenlosen.  Walking, pilates, yoga, strength training (at the  gym and by myself) and swimming.  The one most effective activity I use daily is, yoga.  I have to admit that at times it can become intense but between the core strength, stretching and the added benefit of relaxation and meditation, it is incredible herunterladen.  It is by far the best medicine one could ask for.  For more information and exercises go to this link:

Studies from the Archives of Internal Medicine and Annals of Internal Medicine have found that their comparison between yoga classes and conventional stretching showed improvement for back sufferers after 12-26 weeks from both forms of exercise musik von youtube herunterladen mac mp3.  The difference in  the yoga study was that they also gained strength, a focus on posture and a sense of relaxation.  Not all yoga is created equal herunterladen. There are many different forms and if you are new to yoga, start with a beginner or mild yoga, restorative yoga is also a wonderful class that helps undo the knots that may be causing the problems in the first place songs from youtube to handy.  It actually restores a sense of well-being and relaxation through simple postures.  I suggest learning a few basic moves that can be repeated at home such as; child’s pose, pigeon, downward facing dog, plank pose and many of these can be found on line via home practice at Yoga Journal’s web site von youtube mp3 herunterladen legal.

As far as natural products for pain, I can suggest some that will not aggravate your gut.  Curcuma Sorb (Meriva) by Pure Encapsulations, Wobenzyme PS by Douglas labs or Kaprex by Metagenics herunterladen von javascript.  You can order these products through my connection with Emerson Ecologics on my home page how to download videos from youtube for free.  You will need to register with the sign in and then you will be able to view this amazing virtual nutraceutical ‘store’.  If you have further questions, contact me or Emerson Ecologics directly.  I wish you great health and a pain free day!

Be Well,  Mary