Diabetes Prevention: November is Diabetes Awareness Month!

I am all about prevention.  I realize that there are different types of diabetes,(read more), but the one I am most involved with is Type 2 Diabetes, because it can be prevented, and I don’t mean by drugs rocrail herunterladen.  The statistics show that 1 in 3 are pre-diabetic and the sad part is that they don’t even know it.  Being put on drugs only delays the onset of this disease and its side effects omsi 2 citaro c2 download kostenlos.  The only way to avoid the disease is through diet and lifestyle.  Once you cross the line from pre-diabetic to type 2 diabetes- there is no turning back, just remission, you will always be a diabetic herunterladen.  Over time, type 2 Diabetes tends to follow a predictable pattern.  Because of your elevated blood sugar, ( only one of the symptoms) circumstances get out of control, multiple organ systems are breaking down at the same time Moroccan music for free.  Due to a cascade of medical issues, you are forced in to rounds of tests, procedures, referrals and new medications.  Through years of mindless eating and drinking, sedentary ways, overweight , high blood lipid levels and blood pressure  your body has been breaking down right before your eyes simpson spiele kostenlosen.  You become stuck. You can choose to become dependent on medications, tests and ill health, or you can break out of your rut and reverse your habits and be in control of your destiny video zdf herunterladen. You can do this, but it takes commitment, determination and a will to life a fabulous quality of life.  Are you willing to take the challenge?

First, get a check up and have an honest talk with your doctor about your health sms report op pc.  Are you at risk for diabetes?  If so, take action.  Currently, I am running a tremendous class, Diabetes Free America, and the members are amazing powerpoint 2010.  They are bringing down their blood sugar levels, dropping weight and feeling better about themselves.  They realize they are improving their lives day by day and that they are in it for the long haul thunderbird mails herunterladen.  They will still be on their mission long after the class is over.  I also work one on one with those who want the extra time and attention.  Whatever works View whatsapp images without downloading them.  Just do it!


Be Well, Mary

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