Diabetes Prevention: Success Story

I recently got this email and had to share with all of you especially if you are struggling with getting on track with type 2 diabetes prevention herunterladen.  As a pre-diabetic educator and Holistic Nutritionist/Health Coach I am with the firm belief that with consistency and support you can drop weight and reduce your blood sugars whatsapp dokumente herunterladen.  I offer a few different proven programs that will do this.  Diabetes Free America has a terrific website where you can become involved and find support herunterladen.  Your first advocate is yourself. You need to believe in yourself and desire to become a healthy individual.  Here is a success story I need to share instagram logo kostenlos.  This could be you.

Recently we had a Member in our own group, Sanford Pope, go to the physician for a checkup after being in our program for a couple months herunterladen. Sandy was kind enough to write a testimonial for us about his experiences with Diabetes Free Zone. Below is Sandy’s testimonial and the results of his checkup winamp kostenlosen windows 10.

“I have had a weight problem for many years and have tried numerous diet schemes including among others Weight Watchers, Nutra-Systems and LA Weight Loss Systems youtube clips herunterladen. Although I did lose weight initially on each of these plans none of them were easy to maintain, and none lasted long term.

Recently I learned of the Diabetes Free Zone program, and attended an introductory class after which I signed on abbyy finereader 9.0 kostenlos downloaden. Important to me was the fact that no special foods had to be bought and there were numerous menu recommendations with many alternate foods so that I always have choices   and the likelihood of something I like musik herunterladen iphone app.

In addition, the program has two “off” days built in each week so you can have a little extra, occasionally. I lost 30 lbs in six weeks, and my blood sugar which I test daily is down an average of 100 points artikel downloaden volkskrant. With the recommended menus and between meal snacks I have never been hungry.

The weekly classes have been very beneficial to me and my wife who audits the class as an interested observer. It has taught me portion control, and food selection discipline, and that I can get along very nicely without French Fries, fried catfish, blooming onions and the like on a regular basis. An added bonus is the weekly review of restaurants where their menus have been reviewed and healthy selections are recommended.”

Last week Sandy attended our weekly meeting and shared with us the results of his recent checkup. His A1c has gone from 7.8 to 6.1. His LDL which was high is now 98.


Sandy has the support of his wife and family and he is learning as well as living how to enjoy healthy living.  He is optimistic about his future health and has more energy than he can remember.  If you are ready to take control of your health, contact me.  I offer a complimentary strategy session to get you started on your road to health.

Be Well, Mary


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