Holistic Nutrition: Finally, a New Wave Towards Wellness

Here I am at Kripalu Center in the Lenox Mass for a six-day intensive Nutrition Integration program for professionals.  I have learned so much and I hope to share some of my knowledge with you through the next few weeks in my website, blog and my monthly newsletter.  We know that the medical profession, as we know it has had very little training or interest in the role of nutrition and healing zdf mediathek sendung herunterladen. For that matter, that what we eat has any impact on our health.  We are seeing at an alarming rate that we are exactly what we chose to put in our mouths and how we choose to live.  Almost any age related disease can be directly correlated to what we put in our mouths, how we move our bodies and how stressed our lives are windows 7 desktop hintergrund download kostenlos. There are more and more studies and research out there to prove that by decreasing sugar, getting daily activity and finding self-time to decompress, that we would be a healthier world.  It is not about a quick fix either.  We are in need of embracing a more grass roots approach to getting back into the kitchen, saying no to the processed foods, boycott high fructose corn syrup (as well as other known demons) and becoming a less stressed nation.  I know it seems like pie in the sky, but it also has to come from our medical community.  Our doctors, nurses and health care professionals must start taking a more compassionate role into what is really going on with their patient.  That chronic headache, backache, stomachache may be more about being heard than anything else.  We really do not want drugs- but rather a solution to feeling better.  We want a way, a plan, and a process to actually stop the madness and create a greater quality of life.   We will be starting to hear about being ‘mindful’, creating awareness, having exercise being prescribed rather than just suggested, and meditation, yoga or stress reduction techniques being the drug of choice.  It is already happening and if you are fortunate enough to be involved with a team approach, lucky you!  Our doctors are stressed with time restraints and many are finding a team approach the best approach for prevention.  Isn’t that what we really want?  We want to prevent or stop a problem before it happens.  We have all the drugs to help after we get the problem- but let’s try to stop it before it happens citavi pdf.

I need to get back to my program.  Keep tuned.  Lots more to come.  If you are one of those ready to take charge, contact me and we can get started herunterladen!


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