Lifestyle Changes: Being Pro-Activ

I just had the most delightful client.  A ‘senior’ who wanted to be on top of her health for the wellbeing of her family- children and grandchildren hp drucker kostenlos herunterladen.  Her overall health is very good.  She has some  family history of heart disease, thyroid but nothing that is remarkable.  Her weight is good.  But she wanted to be in charge and get off of the few medications she is on and gear up for a vision of a good quality of life well into her 80’s kaminfeuer für fernseher downloaden.  And you know what- she will.  Her attitude is right on with a desire to do what she can for herself, without waiting for a wake up call from her doctor to make some changes spotify songs downloaden kostenlos. I am inspired by her and wish more people were wanting to work on prevention rather than waiting until they were sick or challenged by a disability.

What will we work on ms teams herunterladen mac? Her initial assessment will look at  overall cellular health by doing a BioImpedance Analysis screening, looking at proper hydration and a very thorough look at her food intake and of course what she is doing for exercise treiberer kostenlos ohne registrierung.  To optimize your health one realizes that there are a few things that can be let go of and a few things to embrace. Being aware of how much water you really drink, noticing the afternoon slumps, indulging in a few too many processed snacks/foods, looking at fiber and your general level of energy are key windows media player 12 download windows 10.  Making subtle and consistent changes are critical and waking up  feeling like you can take on the day is a state of mind to embrace. Most important, is having a plan pubg kostenlos herunterladen für pc.

If more people were pro-active rather than re-active, we would have less healthcare issues and costs.  Take a moment and notice if you are doing all you can do to have your best possible health herunterladen.  If not, and you want to do something about it, call me and let’s make a plan.  It’s time to step up to the plate and create your healthy life with an outlook for an enhanced quality of life karaoke songs kostenlosen.

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