Lifestyle Changes: Diabetes Free America is Here!


You will be hearing a lot from me about Diatebes Free America. Recently I have become a provider with this organization.  It is a 16 week program that will change the lives of people with the threat of diabetes type 2, and help those with diabetes type 2 to stabilize their blood sugars. Prevention and education, two powerful cornerstones to the program.   Our driving philosophy is that diabetes education should be broadly available, easily accessible and practically affordable. There are 33 million diabetics, 80 million pre-diabetics. 4,300 new individuals are diagnosed with diabetes each day. This adds 1.5 million new diabetics each year. These are astounding and scarey numbers.

I have witnessed through a dear friend how debilitating diabetes can be when not in control.  The mind boggling piece is that it can be prevented through knowledge and behavior change. Change can be hard but diabetes is harder.

If you or you know someone who is pre-diabetic or diabetic looking to make some changes, contact me.  Look up Diabetes Free America and look at their program.  It is cost effective and strait forward.  One step at a time we will be decreasing those numbers and make a difference in the lives of our nation. Classes will be starting soon in the Gloucester, Mass. area.  Also available for corporate wellness programs.

Be Well, Mary

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