Lifestyle Changes; How Full is Your Plate, In Life and at the Table?

Happy May – I love this time of the year especially in New England when the sun is shining and the tulips are opening.  There are so many things to do to get ready for being outdoors which comes down to overloading your plate of things to do.  Being organized and chipping away at things always comes to mind, but most times people look at the big picture of all that has to be done and shut down.  It becomes too overwhelming.  Setting aside 30 minutes to focus on one thing and complete it is huge. It will get done and you will feel lighter, clearer and accomplished.  Set it in your calendar as an appointment and stick to it.  Your plate becomes less.

Talking about real plates.  What size plate do you eat off of?  The best way to be in charge of portion size is using a smaller plate.  When giving a seminar recently about healthy eating, I asked that question. I pulled out two plates.  One a twelve inch plate which is the norm in 2013 and an eight inch plate which was the norm in 1965. By reducing the size of your plate and sticking to half being veggies – there is just enough space for a 40z portion of protein and a half cup of grain or starchy veggie.  Try it and let me know what you think.

Thinking of filling your plate too much affects us in our day to day choices and our waistlines.

Enjoy- Be Well, Mary


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