Lifestyle Changes: Spring Cleaning the Fen Shui Way!

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Freshen up with Fen Shui herunterladen!

posted Mar. 21st 2013 by Stephanie Dempsey

Now that spring has officially sprung, it’s time to clear our the clutter and make way for a brand new season of growth.  Get 10 Feng Shui tips designed to bring renewed energy to every area of your life.

Love and romance: clear our the space beneath your bed.

If you’d like a happier, healthier love life, look under the bed Itunes macbook. Relocate any items you use regularly, then discard or dante the rest.  By keeping the space beneath your bed totally clear, you’ll resolve any deceptions , hidden resentments and childhood traumas that have affected your romantic relationships.

Communication: erase old messages.Do you feel misunderstood or unappreciated?  Then empty old messages from your e-mail account, test message log and voicemail dji mavic air video herunterladen.  Letting messages accumulate can make it difficult to get your wants and needs across. If you want to hang on to messages for sentimental reasons, print them out or record them onto a disc.

Family:put stray photos into scrapbooks.
If you’re struggling with family squabbles, put stray photos into albums.  Frame ones that conjure up good memories, and display them in the gathering spaces of your home, like the living room and kitchen how can I download videos from google.  Keep family photos our of the bedroom, especially if you want to maintain healthy boundaries with relatives. Health and Wellness: clear out your kitchen cabinets.

Do you feel tired, unhealthy or depressed? Then clean out our cupboards, refrigerator and freezer.  Throw away any items that are past their freshness netflix movies smart tv.  Donate any canned goods that you don’t want to charity.  If you are really determined to improve your health, purge your kitchen entirely of junk food.

Support: donate nine items to charity.

Does life seem like a constant struggle for you?  Do you feel like you’re all alone herunterladen?  Collect nine serviceable items that you no longer want or use, then give them to charity.  Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just nine items- the more stuff you give away, the easier it will be to attract the support you need.

Esteem: empty out your medicine cabinet.

Suffering from low self esteem? Clear out your medicine cabinet! Get rid of any outdated prescriptions, old cosmetics and unwanted grooming products herunterladen. Be honest about what you use and what you don’t . By streamlining your medicine cabinet and vanity area, you’ll project a much more confident image.

Time to enjoy life: scrub the bathroom until it shines.

Do you have time for the activities you love? If not, you need to scrub your bathroom from top to bottom video editing program for free. Bathrooms represent self-care.  When yours are sparkling and clean, you’ll find more time for the people and things that give you joy. Splurge on new towels, bathmats and shower curtains while you are at it.

Friendship: Stop toting garbage around.

If people accuse you of being overly judgmental, lighten your personal load.  Clean out your purse, briefcase, book bag and pockets herunterladen.  Don’t forget your wallet! Do this every evening for a week. The more streamlined your portable storage, the easier it will be for you to form new friendships and sustain old ones.

Inspiration:wash your windows.

if ou feel uninspired or lack motivation, wash your window.  Windows represent your outlook on life latest version mozilla firefox for free.  If yours are clean and sparkly, it will be easier to find your heart’s desire.  This is a great cure for people who are in dead-end jobs or suffer from depression.  Hire a professional if you’re not up to this labor-intensive task.

Energy:empty out a single drawer.

If you’re caught in a rut, do yourself a favor and empty our one drawer.  It could be anywhere:your desk, your bureau, your kitchen.  Throw away anything you don’t need, and relocate the rest to other areas.  Leave the drawer empty for an entire week. Soon, you’ll find the energy to launch a full-fledged spring cleaning!

Be well, Mary



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