Mindfulness: Be Mindful of Joy Around You, plus a gift for you!

Greetings to you and yours during this holiday season.  We get so very caught up in the frenzy of the season that sometimes we forget what it is all about.  Put away the wallet and the credit cards for a little bit and just stop and feel the excitement of the moment.  Even if your external environment is running full speed ahead you can encompass a little internal quiet  and really feel the joy of the season,  just stop and notice.  Mindfulness is being aware of your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations in the present moment. Give a smile and receive a smile, watch the faces of children with their wonderment. It is why giving is so special.

I recently was talking to a neighbor who was discussing the ‘giving’ syndrome that has come to be.  Either you are expected to only give what is on ‘the list’, or buy a gift card.  No real surprises, no real creativity, no real giving from the heart.  Is there anything better than watching someone open a gift from you that you took special time to pick out, wrap and give to them and then watch them open it?  The next time you give a gift to someone which is truly a gift-  sit back and take in the sensation and feelings you get at the joy the person gets from the gift.  Mindfulness allows you to deliberately pay attention, without judgement in the present moment. It allows you to feel your thoughts and sensations right then and there.  So many of those moments are priceless.

My hope for you is that you get many unexpected loving gifts- from your friends and family, from nature and your surroundings. Wishing you a wonderful holiday filled with joy, health and happiness.

Happy Holidays,

Be well, Mary

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