More White Rice, more diabetes risk

More white rice, more diabetes risk

Over 20 million people in the United States (about 8% of the population) have type 2diabetes ls17 talbach herunterladen.1 Carrying excess fat and eating high glycemic load (GL) foods contribute to the development of insulin resistance, leading to type 2 diabetes spiele kostenlos spielen und herunterladen. In spite of considerable more overweight and obesity in the USA, and our dangerous diet, there is considerable more diabetes in China, Korea and Japan labymod 3en. This is mostly because of white rice – refined carbohydrates like white rice, devoid of fiber to slow down absorption of sugars, raise blood glucose more and faster (have a higher glycemic load, or GL) than their intact, unprocessed counterparts free jurk patronen download.

A new meta-analysis of four studies has explored the link between white rice and diabetes – overall, the researchers found that each daily serving of white rice increased the risk of diabetes by 11% aoe kostenlos downloaden.2 This new research serves to remind us: High-glycemic, nutrient-depleted, refined carbohydrates (like white rice) are more than just empty calories – they are disease-causing foods. Read moreopendocument präsentation download kostenlos.

Not just diabetes – cancer too
High GL foods have dangers that reach beyond diabetes. Diets including large quantities of high GL foods increase the risk of several chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and cancers herunterladen.3 Low-nutrient, high glycemic foods could also contribute significantly to cancer by causing excessive insulin secretion. High insulin levels in the blood can promote the growth of cancer cells, in part by interacting with the receptor for insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) herunterladen.4 Diabetics are far more likely to develop several cancers than non-diabetics. This increased risk of cancer observed in diabetics is thought to be due in part to cancer-promo ting effects of insulin therapy kostenlos bücher herunterladen.5,6

In the past, white rice was looked upon as a healthful, low fat staple in a vegetariandiet navigon herunterladen kostenlos. We have progressed in nutritional knowledge such that white rice can no longer be considered healthful, or even neutral – it is a disease-causing food. The damaging effects of high-GL foods have been brought to light, and we now know that the most healthful carbohydrate sources are those with lower GL – beans, peas, intact whole grains, and starchy vegetables.

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