Nutrition News: Clean Up Your Act with Some Nice Discounts

Happy 2016! This is the time of year when many people do a cleanse or detox to get rid of the excess sugars, fats and indulgences from the holidays.  I am offering some specials through February to support  you, if you choose to clean up your act and get back in the swing of feeling energized and eating healthier.  The 10-day Clear Change Program is a terrific program where you eat real food,  is very easy and clear to follow, you are not hungry and it helps to curb the sweet tooth as well as gets your mind focused on food choices for health.  This is not a restrictive plan – however you are restricted in some of the foods you can eat.  Check it out via my website store:  

If this is not for you, try some of the following suggestions that will help you regain your choices for a healthier lifestyle:

  1. Drink lots of water – add a little lemon juice or Bragg’s Apple Cider vinegar to aid digestion.
  2. Increase your greens- kale, spinach, swiss chard, parsley, brussel sprouts; they support your digestive system, and  liver for natural detoxification and benefits of a lot of fiber.
  3. Cut back on red meat to one time a week, or totally for a few weeks – and only eat grass fed. Try substituting beans, fish, organic chicken or vegetarian meals for easier digestion.
  4. For one week remove all sugars, white floor, processed foods from your diet. This includes most breads, baked goods, processed foods, candies, chips.
  5. Quit coffee for a week or more, substitute herbal teas instead.
  6. Remove artificial sweeteners, like Equal, Splenda etc, use stevia instead.
  7. Get sleep- a minimum of 7-8 hours a night, take a 20 minute nap daily, sleep in if you can.
  8. Do some type of exercise every day for 30 min(or more) – walk, swim, yoga, dance,pilates do something different.  It will lift your mood and act as a stress buster.
  9. Try a few minutes of deep breathing, mindfulness meditation or muscle relaxation every day for a week or more.  Download an app ( try One-Moment Meditation free app) see if it helps you to unwind and clear your head.
  10. Play, have some fun, do something different. Go skating, take a hike, go to a museum, attend a lecture or some local music, call an old friend.  Bring life into your life.

If you were to pick just one thing to do, you would be assisting yourself in developing a healthier lifestyle. Try it!

Some specials that may interest you: 10% off the following through the month of Feb.

  • 10 day Clear Change Program
  • PhytoMulti- multivitamins plus  protective phytonutrients
  • Ultra Flora Balance– daily probiotic for immune support
  • Ultra Energy Bars – New! 3 flavors
  • ImmuCore– for immune support during cold and flu season or all year long.

Go to  , register if you haven’t registered and use code  –jumpstart16– when you check out for your discount.

Good Luck- make a small change to make a BIG difference.

Be Well,


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