Nutrition News: Grain and Gluten Free

I am now day 5 grain and gluten free.  I am at Kripalu Yoga Center, a very heart centered place in the Berkshires.  I have been entrenched in a Nutrition intensive with some very knowledgable docs and practitioners and trying to wrap my head around all the information adobe spark herunterladen.  Going grain/gluten free is just a challenge I decided to make while being here.  Mostly because all the food is fabulous, organic or local and prepared for me app mms downloaden.  I eat three very health meals a day loaded with greens, nuts,seeds,grains, a little protein and fruit.  There are no processed foods or sugared desserts aangifteprogramma ib 2012 downloaden.  There are fabulous whole grains made in a variety of ways- it has been a little hard for me to pass them up.  I am not gluten sensitive but I do keep grains to a minimum - spiele kostenlos downloaden.  My biggest challenge are my Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies or triscuits or an occasional wrap.   There aren’t any of those here.  The reason for going grain free lieder herunterladen amazon?  One of our instructors, John Bagnulo PHD in food sciences, was talking to us about how we were not initially designed to eat grains.  Many of our grains have changed over the past hundred years and we are becoming less and less tolerant in digesting them anki karteikarten herunterladen.  Of course the food industry thinks otherwise.  Going grain free, and replacing them with seasonal root veggies (squash, beets, sweet potatoes) has not been too bad download audiobooks for free.  I do feel a bit different.  A little less sluggish, more mental clarity and feeling lighter. Many of us would eat more greens/veggies if we did not fill up on breads/grains herunterladen.  Veggies and fruits are far superior in nutrients, fiber and anitoxidants than breads and pasta.  With the increase of type 2 diabetes and obesity, it would serve all us to be a bit more mindful around the amount of grains/breads/pasta we eat in a day programm bildbearbeitung kostenlos herunterladen.  Go for ancient grains if you can, quinoa, millet, brown rice, wild rice, corn.

Now that we are heading in to the holidays with a excess of processed foods, mostly sugar dense, make a mindful choice over what you decide to put into your body how long it takes to 30 gb.  Our food is our medicine and it can also be our poison.  It would serve us well to avoid foods that will impair our immune system (sugars, chemicals,processed white flours) make us sluggish and increase our stress. Who needs that at a time we are trying to be festive and lively?  Slow down and be mindful, breathe and take a walk, it all adds up.

If you are in need of a diet change, a way to make better choices that will improve your overall health, contact me for a complimentary session to assess what your goals are.

Enjoy the challenge of eating a better way.  Be Well,  Mary



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