Weight Loss: Lifestyle as Your Medicine

Years ago I was certified as a Lifestyle Educator through an amazing cutting edge company, Metagenics.  They are on top of the latest research and tools for optimal health alle serien kostenlosen.  Lifestyle Medicine is the term you will be hearing more and more.  I first heard this term over eight years ago, it simply means that through practicing consistent healthy eating, exercise and stress management you will be taking ownership of your own health rome total was free download chip.  Eat well, move your body , regulate your stress and practice mindful living- these alone can decrease your risk of age related disease, medicines and increase your quality of life sims 3 fertige häuser downloaden.   Yet- if it were that easy we would not have the overweight, obesity, diabetes and heart disease that is so prevalent in out society.

Let’s start with the food we eat hand how it is prepared kostenlose sonic spiele herunterladen.   Cooking is becoming a lost ‘art’ in the home.  A simple task that we , or someone, need to do in order for us to eat.  I read a recent article about why people don’t cook at home:  21% cite that they didn’t have enough time, 25% said they didn’t want to clean up after themselves and 28% said they didn’t know how herunterladen.  Now, for those of you who do cook, these all sound like excuses- laziness, boredom, unorganized, being unprepared , or other.  I personally don’t understand since anyone can create a simple meal by using eggs-  throw in some frozen onions, spinach, tomatoes and you have an omelet (or at least scrambled eggs with veggies), add a hearty bread and open a bag of pre-made organic greens and Voila!, dinner, in less than 15 minutes images from google ios.  I do understand that you first need to think about all of that and have things on hand.  You will enjoy your food more, have control over what is in it and the salt,sugar and fat content AND connect with your food through your senses herunterladen.

Making lifestyle changes is not necessary easy, but it shouldn’t be hard either.

Ask me about my Mindful Weighs program, which utilizes First Line Therapy, a 12 week program to jump start you into a new pattern of living, and living well, for life schlacht um mittelerdeen!  This is not a diet or a cookie cutter program, but rather a step by step approach to a healthier life and empowered you.

For further questions or comments, Contact me filme serien herunterladen.

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