Weight Loss: What about Self Discipline?

We all live with a diet and some of us are always trying to eat differently by dieting. Our diet is meant to be composed of a balanced array of fruits, vegetables, whole grains lean protein and healthy fats. Many of us have heard this a multitude of times. When we over consume and eat outside those perimeters too often, we have then gone off the ‘healthy diet’ and balanced eating. We then fall into the idea of needing to ‘diet’ or  trying to get back into balance.

In order to achieve that sense of balance we usually restrict various foods in our food choices to achieve the goal we want- (weight loss, healthier heart, decreased blood sugar and others). Our challenge is in how we restrict and how committed we will be in staying on course to reach our goal. Planning and the sense of feeling like you have a choice is key! A central reason you may not be reaching your goal may be due to the lack of self-discipline. Are you willing to sacrifice short-term pleasure for long-term goal achievement? Keeping your focus on the goal and pulling back from a favorite nightly dessert, or ‘unhealthy’ food choice may appear difficult at first, but the end result will leave you with more energy, smaller clothes and a healthier heart. Keep in mind that we usually did not put on the extra pounds over night, they accumulated over time.  The same time it may take you to lose the excess weight.  Also, evaluate what type of stress you are dealing with.  That can be a big area of challenge.

I have many clients who claim, they have no ‘will power’. I see that as lack of self-discipline, or not a good enough reason to stay focused for a specific amount of time. The goal that has been chosen has to be very clear and important. Especially around lifestyle changes, where you need to eat, sleep and move to exist , it is important to have a plan on how you will more forward in formulating a healthy “diet”. Dieting, being restrictive in your choices,  isn’t fun for anyone. Being a bit more self disciplined about your choices can make the process a bit easier.  You always have a choice. Having one cookie instead of four is a start, portion size always matters and being aware of your choice is powerful.   The other outcome is the sense of accomplishment, confidence and self-awareness that you have developed along the way. The sort of ‘I will try ‘ to “I did it!”.That sense of pride that proves you have self-discipline over things that really matter.  Small steps that add up will be less overwhelming.  A client who is dealing with high blood sugar made his first step by eliminating sugar from his coffee- still has the milk, and he said that after 3 days he actually likes the coffee better. So why not pick something that isn’t too challenging and start there. You want to have success, small or large.

Take a moment to see what you are having difficulty with in your lifestyle. Can you use a little self-discipline and planning for eating with a sense of being in charge? or for fitting in that exercise you promised yourself. Start small, make a commitment to plan on adding something good and healthy to your diet, as early in the day as possible. Add fresh berries or spinach at breakfast with whole grain toast and natural peanut butter or poached egg. Look at dieting, or your food plan,  as a way to enhance your living rather than restricting it. Use your self-discipline as a form of self discovery to explore possibilities. The goal and the results will be worth it.

Noticing that you may need support along the way is a sign of self-care. Your personal and professional  journey is all about making the most our of your life. Enjoy it, the challenges along the way create space for opening to a more confident you.

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