Wellness Coaching: Avoid Temptations- use “The Fridge Diet”

I’m back from a great quiet vacation and had a chance to catch up on a little reading.  I read this interesting tip about how to assist you in keeping to your healthier eating ( and possible weight loss) goals, it seems so simple and is doable herunterladen.  Set your refrigerator  up in an organized fashion to prepare you to make your best choices when hunger strikes can be seriously helpful.  Sara Cann wrote up some suggestions and she calls it the ‘The Fridge Diet, very clever pdf converter kostenlosen.  Here are some of her suggestions.

1. When opening your fridge put nutritional foods in the middle (fruits, cut up veggies,yogurt) since this is where you will gravitate to first automatically xbox updates.  The Journal of Marketing showed that even when grocery shopping, people will choose from middle shelves more often than top or lower shelves. Try this countdown kostenlos herunterladen!

2. Indulgences such as sweets, high fat items (think brie, pudding) should be put in opaque ( not see through) containers.  Why?  if you can’t see them, you won’t be as inclined to eat it linux ubuntu german download 32 bit for free.  That left over cheesecake in a clear glass container is apt to be a late night snack if noticed right away.

3. Use ‘Fresh Paper’ or similar product to store fruits and veggies up to 2-4x longer igo primo kostenlos.  These papers inhibit bacterial and fungal growth. A great resource especially for pricey organic produce.

4. Brian Wansik PHd., director of Food and Brand lab, suggests doing a little prep work ahead of time and set prepped veggies and fruit in line of your sight ( like the middle shelf) ccleaner german for free. It is much easier to open a bag of cookies or crackers than to wash a bunch of grapes. After shopping, take the extra 20 minutes to prep the foods to have it ready to grab shader model 3.0 kostenlos herunterladen.  You spent the money and time to invest in your health, now reap the benefits.

5. Do you know what is in your fridge?  I have seen refridgerators totally overstuffed and overwhelming teams herunterladen microsoft.  Make it a goal to throw out old food at least once a month ( if you can, do it sooner).  Schedule when to eat left overs, or throw them out.  Leave a half inch of space between items so that you can see them cyberlink powerdirector kostenlos downloaden deutsch.  Avoid stacking foods, unless containers are clearly seen or labeled.

6. Do you get a little crazed about your grocery bill?  To take full advantage and be mindful of what you spent, post the grocery receipt on the door.  This will encourage you to eat the ‘fresh’ and real foods first before they go bad, which is part of your healthy eating plan.

These suggestions are part of a lifestyle plan to simplify.

The next step is to go through your pantry and discard old items and the white flour, white sugar and white rice along with products which aren’t real food.  What are pop tarts anyway?

If any of this seems overwhelming on your way to a healthier lifestyle, get a little help.  Call for your complimentary half hour session to get you back on track to becoming your own advocate.

Be Well, Mary

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