Wellness Coaching Focuses on Wellness Desires and New Habits.

Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client. It is a means to build competencies required to fulfill one or more of your commitments app gratisen.

No one can be successfully coached if he/she doesn’t want to be coached. An individual must be genuinely open for change and have a desire to learn and develop herunterladen. Through a step by step process you will become empowered to be in charge of your well being.

Together we will create an integrated plan of your nutrition/physical activity and stress management for a meaningful and balance life herunterladen.

Coaching Packages

Total Immersion: Level I

Three months
Weekly hour session, or to be determined upon need
Total: $1200*

Total Immersion: Level II

Three months
First month weekly sessions: $400/month
Second and third month biweekly sessions: $200/month
Total: $800*

Steady Change: Level I

Three months
Biweekly hour sessions: $200/month
Total: $600*

Steady Change: Level II

Three months
One hour biweekly session first month: $200/month
Biweekly half-hour phone sessions second and third month: $100/month
Total: $400*

*BioImpedance Analysis,workbooks  and supplements not included in final cost herunterladen in englisch.

Clear Change detoxification program is highly suggested for nutrition clients, but optional.


Other options: