Our Process Helps You Discover How to Create Balance in Your Life.

The wisdom to deal with your stress, restore your health, lose weight and feel great is already inside you. Your inner wisdom wants to be healthy, vital, energetic, free of excess weight, clear of mind and joyful of heart.

Our life is like the spokes of a wheel — each needing one to balance the other. When one aspect of our life is out of sync it affects the other parts. We have an intricate weaving of our Physical — Emotional — Nutritional — Environmental and Spiritual aspects of our existence. This big picture of our lives helps us to understand how the mind, body and internal systems work together to create our health.

  • Physical: How the physical body functions in health and wellness.
  • Emotional: How the mind and body communicate as one, producing health and uneasiness.
  • Nutritional: How what we eat affects our body-mind function.
  • Environmental: The influence of external and internal environmental factors to our health.
  • Spiritual: How belief systems as well as our relationships affect our health.

The key is to learn about yourself and what foods, movement, relaxation and lifestyle enhancements work for YOU. When you are in tune with what your body really wants and needs, you can integrate that information into all aspects of YOUR life.

“No Prescription Is More Valuable Than Knowledge”
–C. Everett Koop, former Surgeon General of the United States