Wellness by Choice Evolved Out of a Personal Passion. . .

To assist others in taking care of themselves — holistically, getting to the root of the issue and preventing what could happen. You have a choice of your health. We are destined by our genetics only to an extent. We are tempted daily to avoid good choices for convenience. Unfortunately, we are not being told the whole story.

We can have control over what we put in our mouths, how we move our bodies, how much sleep we allow ourselves and how to plan down time. Wellness by Choice is a practice developed to empower individuals in the process of their own healing and self care management. Eat real food, move, sleep more, breathe fresh air and embrace nature, hug someone — find your balance and what is meaningful to you — that is what Wellness By Choice is about.

Wellness by Choice is a practice working independently as well as as well as being affiliated with Manchester Athletic Club, The Arts and Wellness Center in Gloucester, Mass.

Available for corporate and groups seeking speaking engagements, consulting or coatching.