Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart!

February is heart healthy month. Take a moment not only to assess how much you give love, but how much you get love. Take another moment to track what you are doing to ‘feed’ love to your heart. It is a powerful muscular organ. It loves to be pampered with fresh greens, healthy oils, fiber, fish oils, fresh air, lots of focused activity and rest. The heart is an amazing machine. Honor it and treat it with the respect it deserves- it is what keeps you going every day. The average heart beats aprox. 60-70 beats per minute. Multiply this by 60, then by 24. A heart that beats 70 beats per minute will beat 100,800 beats PER DAY- try multiplying this by how many days you have been living! That is quite a remarkable accomplishment in my book.
Take time to be heart centered give back to yourself – in mind, body and spirit.
Be Well, Mary