Nutrition:Lifestyle Change: Tape Measure or Scale?

Waist or Weight Measurements?

Ever wonder how one of your friends can weigh more than you but are two sizes smaller? What about the person who works out all the time and eats well but is in the obese category of the BMI index (body mass index) icloud album windows? It is called body composition. When you have an optimal body composition, one that is a favorable ratio between leaner tissues, like muscle, and less fat mass, you are healthier herunterladen. You are able to eat more because muscle is active tissue that needs fuel,fat does not. Your clothes fit better and your inches will decrease. Muscle weighs more than fat, and it is much more dense bibi blocksberg listening games for free. Would you rather have a smaller waist and weigh more, or weigh less and have a thicker waist? I think I know your answer.

Muscle is a biologically active tissue that needs a far greater amount of caloric fuel to maintain itself, compared to body fat herunterladen. Muscle burns calories. So maintaining your muscle through the foods you eat as well as exercising will promote a more efficient metabolism to burn more calories each day herunterladen.

Muscle also helps us to heal. It is a major source of protein for important recovery functions such as wound healing, white blood cell production and antibody production libreoffice free chip. If your body composition is low in lean body muscle your system is already depleted and the body has less to draw on in case of illness.

Muscle mass and strength are the top two indicators of healthy aging sims download laptop. The most powerful way to manage the aging process and restore vitality is to improve your lean tissue –to –fat ratio by adding more muscle to your body vlc player download kostenlos deutsch windows 7.

There are some of us who are considered ‘skinny fat’. This term is related to those people who are not overweight, but may have too little muscle and too much fat keynote aus icloud downloaden. This condition is called sarcopenia. Sarcopenia can raise the risk of chronic diseases and accelerate aging in the same manner that gaining extra visible weight from fat can audiobook for free. Most people with this condition may experience lack of strength, reduced endurance ,achiness and generally reduced quality of life.

The message here may be to ditch the scale and pick up the tape measure. When eating whole foods, in the right combinations and amounts, along with total body exercise you will avoid losing muscle and up your metabolism. If you do not know what your body fat mass vs. lean body mass is, inquire at your local gym or contact me for a BIA.  ( BioImpedance Analysis). It will tell you what is going inside your body regarding your health. Reducing your waist even an inch will help reduce inflammation and improve your path to healthier aging. Your age and gender are important factors in calculating your lean to fat mass numbers.  You are looking to be less than a 35″ waist for women and less than a 40″ waist for men.  Central obesity is considered to be an indicator for many lifestyle diseases, including heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

If you are looking to make some changes, do it with a plan and a realistic goal.  If you need support along the way, contact me for a complimentary consult.

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Diabetes Prevention: Corporate Wellness Can Help Prevention

Diabetes Wellness can Help Prevent a $35,000 Amputation or a $100,000 Heat Attack herunterladen.  That’s Wellness that Makes Financial SenseThe graph below should be a real wake up call to any company. Employees with diabetes have annual medical expenditures $10,683 higher than employees without diabetes.According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes causes heart attacks, strokes, blindness, kidney failure, non-traumatic amputations and neuropathy google maps deutschland karte herunterladen.

In fact, diabetes accounts for 20% of all hospitalizations, and 1 in 10 healthcare dollars spent. Statistically speaking, 11% of your employees have diabetes fehler beim herunterladen von grand theft auto v. Even more, an additional 30% of them likely suffer pre-diabetes, which elevates health risks long before the diagnosis of diabetes.

The good news is that high blood sugar can be reversed through lifestyle modification fraps kostenlos downloaden. Studies have shown that a lifestyle modification program can reduce the medical costs of diabetics by 40%, absenteeism by 50% and catastrophic health events by 50% herunterladen. That’s wellness that makes real financial sense!





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Lifestyle Changes: The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook is Here!

One of the biggest obstacles for individuals with increased blood sugar levels is learning how to eat and cook all over again.  Mark Hyman is a very dedicated doctor who is all about prevention and treating the root problem update herunterladen dauert ewig.  What better way than to start in the kitchen and feel secure about your choice.

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The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook, Mark Hyman, MD

In 1900 only 2 percent of meals were eaten outside of the home; now it is over 50 percent.  And most of the meals eaten at home today are factory made science projects “cooked” in a microwave.  The consumption of industrial fast and processed food is driving our epidemic of obesity, diabetes and chronic disease that now affects EVERY other American screensaver autumn for free.  We need a food and cooking revolution to change that!


Now, Dr. Mark Hyman provides us with the tools to start this revolution in his new book, The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook weihnachtsbilder gratis zumen.  Dr. Hyman begins by showing you how to take an assessment of your own health status, how to prepare your kitchen to follow The Blood Sugar Solution six-week program and follow the principles to eating healthy for life.  Plus more than 175 recipes to fill your kitchen with the enticing aroma of world-class meals herunterladen.


You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to prepare the healthiest and best-tasting foods you’ve ever had.  Many of the dishes take less than 30 minutes to prepare, so you’ll never run out of delicious, breakfast, lunch or dinner options no matter how busy your schedule!  Click here for a preview of these recipes teamspeak herunterladen chip.


Plus when you order today you will get access to these fabulous gifts:

  • An invitation to join Dr. Hyman on a live online webinar on March 27th, 2013.  Open to the first 500 buyers only herunterladen.
  • In the Kitchen with Dr. Hyman – a “how to” online video series where Dr. Hyman shows you how to shift from a “factory food” diet that’s making you sick to meals that make you healthy.  Featuring 90 minutes of entertaining how-to videos gimp kostenlos downloaden windows 10.
  • A 1 week Gluten-Free meal plan, with all new recipes.

Get your copy of The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook today happymod app.

Diabetes Prevention: November is Diabetes Awareness Month!

I am all about prevention.  I realize that there are different types of diabetes,(read more), but the one I am most involved with is Type 2 Diabetes, because it can be prevented, and I don’t mean by drugs rocrail herunterladen.  The statistics show that 1 in 3 are pre-diabetic and the sad part is that they don’t even know it.  Being put on drugs only delays the onset of this disease and its side effects omsi 2 citaro c2 download kostenlos.  The only way to avoid the disease is through diet and lifestyle.  Once you cross the line from pre-diabetic to type 2 diabetes- there is no turning back, just remission, you will always be a diabetic herunterladen.  Over time, type 2 Diabetes tends to follow a predictable pattern.  Because of your elevated blood sugar, ( only one of the symptoms) circumstances get out of control, multiple organ systems are breaking down at the same time Moroccan music for free.  Due to a cascade of medical issues, you are forced in to rounds of tests, procedures, referrals and new medications.  Through years of mindless eating and drinking, sedentary ways, overweight , high blood lipid levels and blood pressure  your body has been breaking down right before your eyes simpson spiele kostenlosen.  You become stuck. You can choose to become dependent on medications, tests and ill health, or you can break out of your rut and reverse your habits and be in control of your destiny video zdf herunterladen. You can do this, but it takes commitment, determination and a will to life a fabulous quality of life.  Are you willing to take the challenge?

First, get a check up and have an honest talk with your doctor about your health sms report op pc.  Are you at risk for diabetes?  If so, take action.  Currently, I am running a tremendous class, Diabetes Free America, and the members are amazing powerpoint 2010.  They are bringing down their blood sugar levels, dropping weight and feeling better about themselves.  They realize they are improving their lives day by day and that they are in it for the long haul thunderbird mails herunterladen.  They will still be on their mission long after the class is over.  I also work one on one with those who want the extra time and attention.  Whatever works View whatsapp images without downloading them.  Just do it!


Be Well, Mary

Diabetes Prevention: Success Story

I recently got this email and had to share with all of you especially if you are struggling with getting on track with type 2 diabetes prevention herunterladen.  As a pre-diabetic educator and Holistic Nutritionist/Health Coach I am with the firm belief that with consistency and support you can drop weight and reduce your blood sugars whatsapp dokumente herunterladen.  I offer a few different proven programs that will do this.  Diabetes Free America has a terrific website where you can become involved and find support herunterladen.  Your first advocate is yourself. You need to believe in yourself and desire to become a healthy individual.  Here is a success story I need to share instagram logo kostenlos.  This could be you.

Recently we had a Member in our own group, Sanford Pope, go to the physician for a checkup after being in our program for a couple months herunterladen. Sandy was kind enough to write a testimonial for us about his experiences with Diabetes Free Zone. Below is Sandy’s testimonial and the results of his checkup winamp kostenlosen windows 10.

“I have had a weight problem for many years and have tried numerous diet schemes including among others Weight Watchers, Nutra-Systems and LA Weight Loss Systems youtube clips herunterladen. Although I did lose weight initially on each of these plans none of them were easy to maintain, and none lasted long term.

Recently I learned of the Diabetes Free Zone program, and attended an introductory class after which I signed on abbyy finereader 9.0 kostenlos downloaden. Important to me was the fact that no special foods had to be bought and there were numerous menu recommendations with many alternate foods so that I always have choices   and the likelihood of something I like musik herunterladen iphone app.

In addition, the program has two “off” days built in each week so you can have a little extra, occasionally. I lost 30 lbs in six weeks, and my blood sugar which I test daily is down an average of 100 points artikel downloaden volkskrant. With the recommended menus and between meal snacks I have never been hungry.

The weekly classes have been very beneficial to me and my wife who audits the class as an interested observer. It has taught me portion control, and food selection discipline, and that I can get along very nicely without French Fries, fried catfish, blooming onions and the like on a regular basis. An added bonus is the weekly review of restaurants where their menus have been reviewed and healthy selections are recommended.”

Last week Sandy attended our weekly meeting and shared with us the results of his recent checkup. His A1c has gone from 7.8 to 6.1. His LDL which was high is now 98.


Sandy has the support of his wife and family and he is learning as well as living how to enjoy healthy living.  He is optimistic about his future health and has more energy than he can remember.  If you are ready to take control of your health, contact me.  I offer a complimentary strategy session to get you started on your road to health.

Be Well, Mary