Children and Nutrition: Feeding Your Children Well

Kids are out of school and you may be struggling to keep up with their food demands. Being a good parent may mean you may need to put up with a little whining around what you choose to put in the fridge or pantry.  Take the extra step and avoid the trap of easy foods with no nutritional value- lunchables, sugary cereals, processed foods whatsappen op je laptop. Two rules that you may opt to apply to your shopping are to avoid buying anything with high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils.  Simple- you just need to read the labels.  No discussion – house rule. 

 Here are some suggestions from the Harvard School of Public Health app für windows 10 downloaden.

 1. Stock nutritious foods in the fridge and pantry, including fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy sources of protein, and low-fat dairy bilder herunterladen laptop.

 2. Don’t buy high-calorie, low-nutrient foods and drinks, especially sugar-sweetened beverages.

 3 herunterladen. Eat dinner as a family at home, and get children involved in shopping for and preparing meals.

 4. Limit eating out in restaurants, and limit takeout food reiner sct treiber herunterladen.


 5. Teach children to pay attention to feelings of fullness. Offer smaller portions, allow them to choose their own portions, and don’t force them to “clean their plates.”

Hope these suggestions help.  Need more intervention hoe moet je fifa 20 demoen? I would be more than glad to make a house call to go over foods and what builds muscles and bright minds!

Happy Summer!

Be Well, Mary

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