Diabetes Prevention: Corporate Wellness Can Help Prevention

Diabetes Wellness can Help Prevent a $35,000 Amputation or a $100,000 Heat Attack.  That’s Wellness that Makes Financial SenseThe graph below should be a real wake up call to any company. Employees with diabetes have annual medical expenditures $10,683 higher than employees without diabetes.According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes causes heart attacks, strokes, blindness, kidney failure, non-traumatic amputations and neuropathy.

In fact, diabetes accounts for 20% of all hospitalizations, and 1 in 10 healthcare dollars spent. Statistically speaking, 11% of your employees have diabetes. Even more, an additional 30% of them likely suffer pre-diabetes, which elevates health risks long before the diagnosis of diabetes.

The good news is that high blood sugar can be reversed through lifestyle modification. Studies have shown that a lifestyle modification program can reduce the medical costs of diabetics by 40%, absenteeism by 50% and catastrophic health events by 50%. That’s wellness that makes real financial sense!





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