Holistic Nutrition: Address Anxiety Naturally

If any of you are from the Northeast, you can attest to the fact that Mother Nature has packed us a wallop! It has been hard in so many ways.  The cold, the snow, the physical demands of shoveling, the ice and fear of injury, isolation, disruptive routines, loss of work, loss of money – need I say more herunterladen?  There have been some times that I just didn’t know what day it was or where I was supposed to be IF I could get there.  Needless to say, this causes a lot of worry and fear, enticing us to call our doctor for some prescribed drug to help us cope elsterform 2019.  Before you do that, try going natural first. It is easier on your system with no side effects and is not addictive.

Here are a few ‘chill pill’  plants that can be taken as teas or supplements to help you deal with your anxiety mcafee herunterladen kostenlos.  A growing number of studies are showing the following to be promising options.

L-theanine – This is an amino acid that is found in black, green and white tea, which helps promote alpha brain waves linked with relaxation, boosts levels of brain calming dopamine and may help lower blood pressure voicemail downloaden iphone.  100-250 mg is the typical dosage range recommended for anxiety. (Journal of Nutrition 2012)

Lemon Balm – This plant has long been known for its calming properties photoshop cs2 kostenlos mac.  There is now a supplement of lemon balm extract sold under the name Cyracos. Lemon balm boosts the levels of the brain chemical GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) which promotes relaxation u bahn simulator frankfurt kostenlosen.  Taken in the morning and at night, a 300mg dose of Cyracos  reduced the signs of anxiety,18%, and insomnia,42% in adults with mild to moderate anxiety disorders.(Mediterranean Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism 2011)

Kava– This plant is the most researched herbal remedy for anxiety memo herunterladen.  Supplements of standardized kava extracts (50-400mg daily) significantly alleviated anxiety compared to a placebo. In rare cases, kava can harm the liver winx club spiele kostenlos downloaden.  This is likely due to poor quality have or other risk factors such as high alcohol use. (Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology 2013)

In all cases , you should consult your doctor before using these products especially if you are pregnant, breast feeding or have other health conditions or taking medications. 

Lifestyle can always assist in regulating anxiety mietvertrag vorlage als pdf herunterladen.  Regular exercise, whole foods and stress management or meditation support calming the nerves.

Alcohol, caffeine, nicotine actually promotes anxiety amazon prime music herunterladen geht nicht.  At first these may seem to appear to help with the anxiety, but over time and withdrawal, actually increases anxiety levels.

So take a moment, sit back, take a deep breath,look out a window and find the beauty in all that white stuff outside, and sip your tea, it all works wonders.


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