Lifestyle Changes: Refresh, Renew, Rebuild

Thinking about springtime and watching the snow melt away and seeing the green re-appear always  brings about a sense of rebirth.  I was looking at my website and noticed my sub title Refresh, Renew, Rebuild norisbank phototan app herunterladen.  There was a reason  I choose those words years ago as a representation of how I wanted to present my practice to others and wanted to portray a sense of hope and new beginning facebook fotos in hoher auflösung herunterladen.  What comes to mind when you think of Refresh?  I think of spring cleaning, removing clutter, opening the windows for fresh air, switching things up, getting outside and listening to the birds chirp netflix offlineen op laptop.  Renew?  I think of becoming invigorated and revitalized. Do something to perk you up and make you feel good.  Change up your workout- get out of the gym and onto a bike or take a run outdoors, do an early morning outdoor bootcamp teamspeak 3 client.  Try some new foods- dandelion greens, brussel sprout salad, grilled asparagus some underutilized fish such as skate or catfish. There are some pretty interesting food stuffs out there that might just seem a bit different but may be very tasty with a new recipe windows 10 herunterladen computer bild.  Rebuild?  Maybe it is picking up a project you never quite finished, or followed through on something you always wanted to do.  Take up a hobby. Reach out to make a new friend, or reconnect with old friends herunterladen. Learn a new language, try paddle boarding or kayaking, start a veggie garden in your yard or in a container.

When we want to make self improvements, it isn’t always about giving something up sony klingeltöne kostenlos downloaden.  It really can be about adding on and expanding. If you decided to update a few items of clothing, donate them to a thrift store to help others and replace them with something that makes you glow fortnite op xbox 360.  You may want to renew your body with loosing a few pounds, or toning up after a sedentary winter, but don’t hold back feeling good in a new pair of jeans until you change your body, do it now herunterladen. If you wanted to start eating better and don’t know how- check out an interesting recipe from a magazine like Healthy Eating, you can’t go wrong wave. If meditation or stress reduction is on the rebuild part of your list, start with one minute.  Just one minute, to stop, take 8-9 long, slow ,mindful breaths and there you are meditating. Take time to notice, do and reflect.  Little by little, step by step you will be feeling refreshed, renewed and on your way to rebuilding a better self.

Of course it goes without saying- a little support from your nutritional coach can’t hurt either!

Be Well,



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