Lifestyle Changes: Reward Yourself

A good new year to all of you.  Many of us are forgoing the New Years’ resolutions for more mindful solutions.  Instead of getting on yourself for some poor behaviors why not start rewarding yourself for some good behaviors herunterladen.  If you completed a project, why not get up, take a walk down the hall, put a smile on your face and get a glass of water.  If you were able to get the kids out and clean up the kitchen and do the shopping then reward yourself with a big bowl of strawberries, tea and  10 minutes of quiet singstar ps2 lieder kostenlos.   Reward yourself in small ways-  a stretch at your desk, a 5 or 10 minute mediation break ( I love the app. Headspace), a snack on something that will make you feel nourished and not weighted down windows vista updatesen.  (Although we think a donut will make us feel better , in the short and long run it zaps your physical and mental energy.)  Try a new quick asian influenced recipe and  change the pace of the week, take in an early movie, go to bed an hour earlier than usual with a relaxing book aktuelle charts kostenlos downloaden.  Add enjoyment to your life in small ways.  Look at these as mini rewards, a way to build some positivity into the day.  You may be amazed how it will add up and make you feel happier herunterladen.  Soon some of the old habits may no longer be desirable.

Invest in Your Health and focus on some positivity in your life.  Be Grateful, Be Mindful, smile more download the complete icloud media library.

Happy and Healthy 2014

Be Well,


Interested in some lifestyle changes?  Contact me for a complimentary session to discuss your wellness goals planetdance downloaden.

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