Lifestyle: Your True Health

I came across this very inspirational description of true health and I was compelled  to share it.  I could not rewrite this into my own words therefore I am passing this on herunterladen.  This struck a chord with me and what I am striving to convey to those around me in my life and in my work .  We have a choice.

This is from a newsletter written by Doran Libshtein youtube video sound herunterladen.

“Total health or wholeness is the ability to realize our full potential in every area of life webex recordings. We need to be done with a compartmentalized approach to health. We need to approach health in an expanded and integrated manner. The expanded definition of Health is to be fully functioning, have healthy relationships, healthy careers, and healthy finances herunterladen. All these areas are essential in the creation of a healthy and long life.”  

 Doran Libshtein works with world expert on total health, Dr Prudence Hall and she states; ” that the entire practice of medicine in the western world is based on the treatment of diseases, once they have occurred herunterladen. It is assumed that once those diseases or symptoms are treated, the patient will be restored to “health.” But how do we know what health is? Is it simply the absence of disease amazon fire tablet filme herunterladen? What does “Health” actually look like? And we need to know this, because if we don’t know our destination, it is going to be very hard to get there.” 

Dr Hall’s definition for true health is: “Unbridled energy, complete absence of disease, a beautiful strong body, balanced blissful emotions, self knowledge, a passion for life, advanced longevity.” 

Therefore, true health is not just a lack of disease gregs diary for free. True Health is the whole package; it is the physical body, as well as the emotional, and spiritual aspects of each person, with the goal of achieving nothing short of pure radiance unigarant schadeformulieren.

What I am finding is that many people are starting to wake up and realize that prevention is truly the best way to take care of one’s health herunterladen. With prevention you may just slide right past the diseases others have as obstacles.  Wake up and take a moment to ask yourself – am I using all my inner and outer resources to take really great care of the being I am 1 gb herunterladen?  If not- what can you do differently? Start small, but be consistent.  Need assistance, give me a call.  It is an ongoing process, there is never an ending to getting to the next level of feeling great. I hope this has left a small impact on you to empower yourself with the knowledge and motivation to find your True Health.

Be Well, Mary

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