Nutrition: Fast Food at Home- Really!

If you haven’t read Time Magazine’s article by Mark Bittman, see if you can find it, How to Eat Now.  It is a short read and he focuses on eating in because it is good for you, the family and developing relationships south park the film german free.  It goes without saying that it is usually healthier, less expensive and a lot easier than you think.  I am often asked by clients and when giving group talks to hand out easy recipes herunterladen.  I have to laugh.  There are millions of easy recipes, however, if you do not take the time to plan – nothing will be easy.  You can make the simplest pasta and veggie dish, but if you don’t have the pasta or the veggies, it won’t happen herunterladen.

The article talks about our fetish with food.  Food channels, cut throat food competitions, food tours and walks, table to farm massive dinners, and endless blogs, reviews and demos wordpad kostenlosen.  So why are we still a nation filled with junk food, and over processed fast food? It is our number one reason for obesity and Type 2 diabetes.  An average American eats a third, or more ,of their calories outside the home and 25% of their calories from SNACKS herunterladen! I don’t believe we are just talking an apple and some almonds.  Food is everywhere and we are constantly bombarded by stimuli and inaccurate information coole minecraft skins kostenlos downloaden. The food industry knows how to catch us off guard and play into our comfort zones.

It seems there are a lot of people who do enjoy cooking.   Time being the biggest restraint for most everyone teams herunterladen deutsch.  Yet we strive for more family/friend time, time to connect and communicate.  Getting other family members involved adds to learning how to cook and everyone ends up enjoying the fruits of the labors alle dateien von dropbox herunterladen.  The days of Home Ec. are over and it is a loss, therefore sharing cooking skills and tricks can be a type of adventure and a lifelong skill. We forget that a dinner doesn’t need to be a 5 star entree thalia ebooks downloaden.  A simple skillet dinner of fresh or frozen veggies, with chicken tenders sprinkled with a little soy sauce, with some whole grain bread – is dinner chkn kostenlos herunterladen! Nothing fancy, veggies, protein and whole grains- fresh or frozen fruit with yogurt for desert.  Voila!

If you find the real reason for not being able to cook is a lack of planning and prep, then do something about it.  You may want to adjust your priorities to find some time to cook, to plan and make it simple to start and be successful.  You and your loved ones will be forever grateful for the bonds you make and the lessons learned, as well as being fed more nutritionally.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started!

– Think of 4 easy meals the family enjoy, buy the ingredients and expand them with more nutrition ( think pasta with extra veggies and beans with  sliced cukes; homemade breaded chic tenders with frozen brown rice and frozen veggies, baked apple; turkey or vegetarian chili and cornbread; fish or meat tacos, good quality fish ( breaded fish fillets work) shredded cabbage, mashed avocado and some taco seasoning mixed with greek yogurt in corn or flour tortillas, squeeze of lime. all of these take no more than 30-45 minutes)  Make enough for leftovers.

– Soups can be a God send.

– Use your Crock pot, prep an easy seasoned canned tomato, chicken and rice dish, the night before and plug it in the morning if you know you have a   long day- add a salad.

– At dinner prep for lunch/snacks the next day.

– Re-vamp your pantry- toss out junk, add staples you and your family like including herbs, grains, oils and condiments.

– A box of Pad Thai can be wonderful with left over crunchy vegetables and frozen shrimp, sprinkled with peanuts.

You CAN do this. Need a little guidance?  Set up a complimentary session to get you motivated to make a difference.

Be Well, Happy cooking!



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