Nutrition News: Do You Know Your Carbs?

Carbs get a bad rap.  Ever since Dr. Atkins we are of the mindset that carbs are bad.  The reason we get hung up on this is that so many people think carbs are bagels, pasta, white rice, candy, sugar, pizza, crackers, bread and other processed foods herunterladen.  Well they are, but what are fruits, vegetables and whole grains?  I hear this over and over again from clients who don’t realize that fruits, vegetables and whole grains are the GOOD carbs strava segmenten.  We need them, they should be 75% of our daily intake.  Processed carbs should be a very very small percentage of our caloric intake. Vegetables are the mainstay of our health and if you want to feel good, lose weight and keep disease at bay- eat lots and lots of different colored vegetables kostenlosen adobe reader herunterladen.  This is the season for a variety of lettuces, greens and nutrient dense fresh produce  (especially if you are in the east). Vegetables are loaded with fiber, low in calories and  will fill you up full version for free. Fruits are great too, but try to go for the berries, apples, pears, kiwi, melons that are lower in natural sugar.  As far as whole grains-  try the real thing macos mojave neu downloaden.  Brown rice, quinoa, oats, spelt, millet, farro,wheat berries, cook them up and have them as a side, in soups or a stir fry with your good veggies.  I love quinoa as a salad, cook quinoa in a broth of choice, cool slightly then add balsamic vinegar, EVOO, dried cranberries or other fruit, some chopped scallions, chopped nuts and fresh parsley tomb raider kostenlos herunterladen. Yum!  Get away from the pasta salad and treat yourself to the goodness of real grains.

Take a moment to look at and even write down what you have eaten in the past couple of days amazon prime series on mac. How many whole, real foods have you had? Replace the processed ones with real ones and you will be investing in your health and maybe enjoying a little taste sensation herunterladen!

Be sure to take advantage of your farmers markets!

Enjoy–  Be Well, Mary

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