Read What People are Saying About Mary Grazen-Browne MEd.

“I Have Never Felt Judged”

“I found Mary through my local gym.  I had worked out with a trainer before, but never had a “wellness coach.”  It seemed to me that real health is not just about a diet or exercising non-stop.  With Mary, you have a support in each area of your life that is required for you to have good health (exercise, nutrition, sleep, work/life balance, parenting, and even happiness).  I have been exceedingly pleased by the advice I have received in all areas of wellness from Mary.  And I have never felt judged when I have had set backs.  I know the road to weight loss and to a general healthy lifestyle is a long (and sometimes twisted one), but I have a great guide in Mary.   Mary delivers solid common sense and in such a gracious manner that I feel she is a confidant.  Go see her (now)!”


“Mary Has Been a Tremendous Asset to Our Team”

“Mary has been a tremendous asset to our team here at Harbor Health Group herunterladen. Her warmth and caring along with her solid expertise and knowledge makes
her a great coach and resource for my clients who are making healthy lifestyle changes.
–S. Gosselin

“When I Want to Give up, She Gives Me a Reason to Persevere.”

“Mary Grazen-Browne is a delightful person and a gifted wellness coach sims 4 ps4 klamotten herunterladen. She has kept me motivated to stay on track with my goals. When I want to give up, she gives me a reason to persevere. It’s been a pleasure to work with Mary. I recommend her highly.”

“After trying different diets and spending money on gym memberships, I would watch the scale go down only to quickly climb back up schufa credit check download. Meeting with my wellness coach, Mary, each week and designing a program that was for me, she made it possible to achieve very attainable goals. The wellness program helped me not only see quick results, but helped me live a healthier and more energetic lifestyle. What makes this program work is that it is not a so-called “diet” which you lose weight and quickly gain it back. This program teaches you how to make easy healthy choices from what to buy at the grocery store to what to order at your favorite restaurant tinkercaden. I was able to follow a program that taught me how to make small changes to my diet and exercise that soon became my everyday healthy habits.”

“I Have Control. I Love It!”

“In my previous life (the one before Mary, when I was eating unaware), I used to plan my meal around what I wanted to have for dessert video player download kostenlos. Seriously, I’d open a dinner menu to the dessert section first, decide which luscious treat I was going to have, and then decide what I’d eat for dinner, sometimes leaving enough room to comfortably eat dessert, and sometimes stuffing it in because I wanted it and I was determined to have my treat.

It’s incredible to me that now, I don’t even crave dessert. Not one bit. Really. And when I think about a treat I want to have, I find that when it comes time for the treat, I either forget completely and never eat it, or I plan to have a small amount and really enjoy it adblock appen.

In addition to that, it was often at the beginning of this journey that, after I had eaten the selected treat, I’d realize I didn’t need to have it: either it wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be, or I was full enough and didn’t even want it. And there were definitely times that it was still really SO tasty, that I was glad I gave myself this little treat.

Now that I have been mindful of what I’m putting in my body for a bit longer, I find that I wake up the next morning and realize I never ate the dessert and I STILL don’t miss it dame brettspiel kostenlosen! And when I do have it, I don’t feel guilty. That, in itself, is quite freeing. There is no evil one on my shoulder whispering, ‘Eat it! Eat it!’ and I have control. I love it!”
–Shannon H.

“Mary Helped Me Get On Track and Set Reasonable Goals.”

“Mary helped me get on track and set reasonable goals powerpoint 2018 download for free. She has a way of understanding your concerns and helping you express yourself that results in attainable goals.”
–Mary A.

“Mary is Easy to Talk To, Entirely Non-judgmental and Reasonable”

“Mary is easy to talk to, entirely non judgmental and reasonable. We worked on basics that were easy to understand, goals that were easy to achieve. I’d say the goals were the most helpful.”
–Liz G, Gloucester

“A Life Changing Course”

“I thank YOU for a life-changing course kostenloses kinder hörbücher.  You have opened my eyes to the importance of nurturing my body and shown me how.  Thank you for leading me to a positive reality.

When I think about Mary Browne’s wellness program, I remember the saying, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”  You may follow a diet plan and lose weight (at least temporarily).  If you follow Mary’s program, you will eat a nutritionally balanced and healthy diet, feel better, be relieved of fatigue and cravings, improve the health of your body and, incidentally, lose weight creative tonie content download.  I am grateful to Mary for teaching me how to nurture my own health and well-being.

Five Things Achieved:

  1. Realizing, I mean REALIZING, the importance of the kind and amount of food that I put in my body.
  2. Getting my metabolism going with a morning meal
  3. Reducing my portion size
  4. Reducing my intake of red meats and other harmful foods
  5. Losing 20 pounds”

–Judythe M