Weight Loss: Immunity to Change.

One of my required books for my advanced professional coaching certification is Immunity to Change by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey schadeformulier aegon.   This is not a light read or a light topic!  I started reading this on my own after a conference a year ago and I just wasn’t ready.  Now as required reading and almost eight months into the program, I now ‘get it’ unicorn bilder zum herunterladen.  Since I support individuals in making behavioral changes for improved lifestyles (usually starts with weight management issues), it makes perfect sense to understand why it is so damn difficult to make changes that stick, and how to overcome what ‘holds us back’ lineageos und apps herunterladen.  It is not about just changing some behavior, but adapting to the new behavior.  it takes time and an understanding of your own beliefs.

I found this one statistic rather interesting, one that I often discus with clients gta san andreas für android kostenlos downloaden.  Diets do not work, becoming mindful does.  Here is a quote from Kegan, ” For most of us- since research shows that the average dieter regains 107% of the weight he or she takes off- losing weight is not a technical challenge; it is an adaptive one aktuellste itunes version downloaden.  Solving it with a technical means- dieting- will not work.”

If you have been trying to lose weight through a technical means, you might want to try a different approach herunterladen.  Creating goals, understanding behaviors, being mindful and having someone to support you in the highs and lows may be your answer .  If you have any questions, contact me flash video herunterladen.

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