Wellness Coaching: How the word ‘No’ affects us.

Remember a time when someone said ‘no’ to you.  Stop, think, what are you feeling?  If you are like most people, you dig your heels in and resist a little- or a lot.  It is a restriction and a change from your intentions or ways.  What if you self inflicted that restriction or ‘no’? Does it make it any easier maxdome gekaufte videos herunterladen?

I have chosen to go on a 10 day cleanse** after a very jubilant, excessive, lovely holiday season.  I enjoyed two weeks of extra bites and drinks that were out of my norm of moderation.  It was a change from my lifestyle and truthfully my body and foggy head were talking to me.  I’ve done this cleanse many times before ( no more than once a year, if that) jewel quest vollversion kostenlos downloaden. Each time I surprise myself and how I approach, deal and experience it.  Usually there is a lot of anticipation, a lot of prep(mentally and physically) and planning.  I really don’t want to blow it once I commit and sometimes being over prepared is best.  This is ONLY a ten day program , where you are never hungry because you eat real food, but it is restrictive in englisch herunterladen. The program says ‘no’ to caffeine, dairy, gluten, sugar, alcohol and animal products- not all at once but gradually. Talking about ending the holiday regime- whew!.  Yet, it is ONLY ten days. The results are worth it.  I definitely feel more energized, rested and alive; not to mention the four pound bloat loss and the inch off my waist as a bonus video youtube herunterladen mac.

I have realized the most difficult part of this program is that it says No, you cannot have….. Will I die? no.  I don’t have to do it their way and maybe I could just do a little cheat and get away with it.  I could sneak in my coffee, string cheese or a sip of wine.  But, who is watching or who cares?  Who is not following through on a well thought out intent with a goal in mind wie kann ich bei netflix serien downloaden?  ME!

Changing ones’ behavior is so very difficult because it  usually involves some type of restriction or saying no to something that pleases you, or you think it will please you.  One of the very reasons dieting doesn’t work is because it is restrictive as well as many joys, and tastes that we love are taken away.  Most people do best by making small changes over an extended period of time so that it becomes a habit, not restrictive where choices are either good or bad man don't annoy you download for free.  Creating  a routine and a plan is the easiest, but also the hardest.  The power of self talk and finding the positivity and happiness in an action is what can carry you through.  I needed to talk myself through my habit of a small sweet after lunch, changing it for a pear or apple.  Of course it was not the same, but I was able to swap out for a choice that was full of nutrition and took care of my sweet craving and I was satisfied, and quite pleased with myself for following through herunterladen.

The resistance to making a change to a healthier lifestyle becomes doable.  You can become in charge of your actions. You can start with self talk; No , I CHOOSE to walk the stairs instead of the elevator, No, I Choose to have berries instead of ice cream, No, I choose to stop at a yellow light ,take 3 breaths and slow down.  That ‘no’ becomes a choice, the struggle and intent become clearer.  Right now, I am looking forward to knowing this cleanse is a day away bvb klingeltöne kostenlos herunterladen.  I’ll get back into most of my habits but have a kick start on being mindful around some of my challenges.  In reflection, it was a great choice, my clothes fit as they should, my drive for fats and sweets has diminished and my head is clear.  I was very aware of the ‘no’ and restriction and wanted to defy something at least once a day, especially when I lost track of why I was doing this in the first place sail away song kostenlos.  I had a goal, I made the choice. Now, I am glad I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and focus on my next choices.  Mostly I’m feeling in charge of my choices, and thats a happy place to be.




** The program I used was the Metagenics 10 Day  Clear Change  program can beed from tv now tv now.  If you would like further information, please contact me, or click on the link.



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