Wellness Coaching: Make It a Marathon not a Sprint

I just returned from an incredible conference titled Transform you can music from amazon prime.  I signed up late and wasn’t even sure why I was going. Along with some 300 other entrepreneurs, we were confronted with a lot of thought provoking information herunterladen.  Along with a tremendous amount of business and marketing information there were nuggets of insight that deeply resonated with me, as well as the rest of the audience foto's downloaden uit dropbox.  The power of conferences is that they make you realize that you are not alone with your struggles and we can offer each other suggestions, support and breakthroughs from personal stories apn herunterladen.  There were many Ah Ha moments for most of the attendees, myself included. (I then realized why I went!)  There was a large representation of coaches- business coaches, health(wellness) coaches, marketing coaches, life coaches and others who came for reinforcement and a kick in the butt to get themselves out there express scribe chip download kostenlos.  Coaching is a very powerful process.  Everyone who was in the room and successful with their ‘dreams’ had their own coach.  It is a process of committing to a change and staying with it- even when it gets tough download audio stories.  One cannot ‘transform’ without some type of ‘pain’.  The pain is the change one makes by getting out of their comfort zone herunterladen.  Anyone who ever has made changes – new job, weight loss, new home, having a family can attest to the pain involved when you have to adapt to new ways radiothek downloaden.  In meeting personal goals, or making intentions for personal, financial, emotional growth one needs to step up to the plate and create a vision and know the obstacles that hold them back free songs. I have a coach that keeps me on track with my business because it is the only way for me to move forward.  I was a teacher for many years and my ‘clients’ were my students everyday, I never had to market for my clients, didn’t have a clue how to do it herunterladen.  Putting myself out there is my challenge, it is out of my comfort zone..  My coach makes it painless and keeps my vision clear. I don’t look at this as a crutch or weakness, but rather a sign of strength to keep moving forward. My clients are expected to do the work that they really want to do because of their own personal vision.  Wanting to drop weight, get off of medications, avoid diabetes type 2 or heart disease can be daunting- it is your health and your quality of life!  I experienced many nuggets of information and a few ah ha moments at the conference, one was that the journey will be successful if you approacht it as a marathon and not a sprint.  Change takes time.  My clients who chose to loose weight do so and do it mindfully with intent to make a lifestyle change over a period of months to years – it is not a diet, but an investment in their life. It works.

You may need a coach- an investment in someone who will go hand in hand with you to reach your goals, dreams, passion, whatever it may be.  You can start  now by connecting with me for a complimentary strategy session. Ready? Do it NOW!.

Be Well, Mary


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